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Introduction to Operations

The following documentation is meant to give you an idea and examples based on CIC implementations in Kenya. These documents can act as general templates for how to setup, support, maintain and build on Community Inclusion Currencies.

  • Case Study: Learn how a village group might create a CIC.
  • Logical Framework: This framework is a summary of goals, outputs and activities related to CIC implementations.
  • Training Guide: This is a guide that CIC implementers and community groups can follow when creating a CIC.
  • Voucher Creation: This is a short summary of the stages of Voucher creation with the intention of becoming a CIC.
  • Team Guide: This is a guide for building a team that will implement a CIC.
  • Stakeholder Guide: This guide steps you through some pointers on how to engage with local stakeholders.
  • Humanitarian Support: This is a summary of how humanitarian and other development organizations and supporters can support and interact with CICs.

Last update: 2022-01-02
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