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We see a world where communities are in control of their own economic agreements as an essential ingredient for economic liberty and empowerment.


Demonstrate, design, disseminate & curate the best tech and practices to empower communities to create and manage their own economic agreements. We offer a collection of documents and tools related to create Economic Commons, and to enable interactions between Community Asset Vouchers, Commitment Pools and various technologies. This documentation enables people to choose and implement system that are flexible to meet their needs and comprehension.


  • Identify and define concepts that are common across the bulk of existing distributed ledger technology (DLT) and resource coordination methods and other technologies
  • Turn these concepts into low-cost, highly available, modular documentation and technology agnostic tooling for Economic Commons creation
  • Contribute to infrastructure that can be run on any devices, especially low-end ones
  • Counteract centralization of infrastructure by making implementaiton as localized as possible
  • Treat technology implementers as contributors not just consumers
  • Reduce the cost of moving financial instruments and their accounts and other systems between technologies
  • Improve on the privacy properties of cash like bearer-instruments in digital envirnments
  • Create a global knowledge base of Economic Commons implementations and best practices
  • Ensure that any software services are not monopolized and that communities are empowered to run their own services

Last update: 2024-04-17
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