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Humanitarian Support

Supporters that wish to help empower communities and build strong resilient and regenerative local economies toward other goals like sustainable envirmental or educational programs, have a lot of options when working with Community Asset Vouchers CAVs.

  1. Stakeholder Gatherings and Training: These are similar to the steps mentioned in Voucher creation, but will often involve a wider range of stakeholders including local government.
  2. Capacity Building: When identifying resources that people have to share – gaps in those resources compared to local needs often arise. Filling these gaps through training and communal asset development can help the community have a solid framework for sustainable voucher redemption.
  3. Evidence based support
    1. Impact Indexing: Data from CAV circulation and endorsements from validators is indexed based on Sustainable Development Goals and a rank and reward can be calculated for support
    2. Donor Support: Donors can recieve impact data in the form of a digital certificate they can also followup on future impacts.
    3. Treasuries: Based on results from Indexing a Humanitarian organization can choose to purchase vouchers with donor funds (held in Treasuries).
    4. Redistribution: Based on results from Indexing CAVs held in Treasuries can be redistributed directly to those people in need.


Last update: 2024-04-17
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