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Logical Framework

Stage & Goal Output Activities Output Indicators
1.1 Implementer is well prepared Implementing organization and partners fully understands and are prepared to implement a CAV program Implementing organization fully understands CAV. Visit previous CAV project areas, agree on roles of partners and general activities - Feasibility Study Checklists and report provided
Conduct a Risk & Benefit Assessment Risk and Benefit Report
Map out Potential Collaborative Assistance Programs List of other programs and potential for in-kind or financial support identified
1.2 Technology is well prepared Vouchers / Ledger system and microservices in place Core Service and their Providers are identified MoU developed with CSPs for training, technical services and arbitration
The CAV ledger is securely distributed and can be accessed by many CSPs (ideally a server (node) can be run by the Implementing Organization) List of Ledger Nodes locations and operators
Dashboards for monitoring program info is available Transaction and registration data is displayed and user information is protected
Interfaces to the ledger (wallets) are made available or paper vouchers are printed Use case testing demonstrated
Customer Service Center in place CAV users can call the center for more information
2.1 Situation Analysis and Regional Stakeholder Engagement Stakeholders Identified Regional Stakeholders are Identified List of Stakeholders
Introduction to regional authorities Letter to regional authorities
Implementer presents concept to Stakeholders and plans for a workshop Presentation report
2.2 Regional Stakeholders feel included and prepared Joint Implementation Plan developed Inception visit to target area - assessment and mapping Inception visit report
Workshop with Regional Stakeholders on geographical coverage, validate targets, discuss criteria/conditionality for community participation and design implementation plan Number of project sites/wards/communities targeted, general implementation plan
Develop a selection criteria for CAV implementing communities (Screening survey) Screening Survey Developed
2.3 Prepare to understand the local economy and measure impacts Screening and baseline are conducted Perform Screening survey for valid CAV implementing communities / groups Screening Survey Deployed
Perform in depth Baseline survey for Communities that match the screening Baseline Survey created and deployed
Spending Journals are distributed inorder to monitor national currency and voucher spending Report showing distribution
Regional and Programmatic Stakeholders informed Reports from surveys and site selection shared with stakeholders
2.4 All materials and tech are appropriate for target communities Localization of Materials and Voucher systems Changes suggested for training materials or software of the Core Service Providers List of changes to be made agreed upon by Implementer and CSPs
Changes to core services made and reviewed inline with general implementation plan Review and Testing of any changes made to training materials or software
3.1 Harmonious Implementation with clear community ownership and sustainability Community Sensitization On boarding/Training of Trainers of Trainers (ToTs) - Local field agents/volunteers Roster of ToTs and evidence from training
Sensitization of local stakeholders and community leaders Reports from stakeholder meetings and testimonials
Sensitizing of community groups that will create their own Community Asset Voucher. Registration of community members into the CAV of the Core Service Provider as part of training Reports from community meetings. Number of active users in the solution, segregated by male, female, boys and girls (under 15)
CAV Groups design their Voucher and sign Voucher creation agreement with local elders and Core Service Providers Economic Commons Membership and Service Agreements signed
Unique Community Asset Vouchers are created and distributed to Group's members as per the agreements Proof of delivery on ledger system - report from CSP
3.2a The greater community around the CAV Issuing group understand and accept the CAV Community Mobilization (can be concurrent with 3.2b) given adequate capacity Develop plan and criteria for enrollment of larger community Plan report
Train mobilizers on community engagement (community training, theater and user to user braiding) Training reports
CAV Issuing Group members enroll 5+ community members each Number of active users in the solution, segregated by male, female, boys and girls
Outreach for stakeholder support (local governments (education), businesses (CSR), etc) Outreach report
Educational Materials, Posters and SMS. Providing communities with information about CAVs and the program. Dissemination reports, photos and SMS logs
3.2b The community has the capacity to redeem a meaningful amount of Vouchers for needed goods or services Capacity Development & Cash and Voucher Assistance is implemented Identify/review ways to support the CAV Issuing Groups to increase their capacity to redeem and issue vouchers (CAVs) through Income Generating Activities (IGAs) Proposal Created
Support IGA development and relevant training Procurement and training reports
Monitor increases to productive capacities of the group Monitoring Reports and Proof of capacity increase
Support CAV Issuing Group to decide on how much to increase their Voucher supply based on new capacities New Economic Commons Agreements
Additional CAV vouchers are created and distributed to members or to greater community Proof of delivery on ledger system - report from CSP
Review / Identify vulnerable people in the region with stakeholders Report on target vulnerable populations
Given adequate capacity - purchase of CAVs from Issuing Community for distribution to vulnerable people in the area Proof of delivery on ledger system - report from CSP
4.1 Ability to measure the impact of the program and make suggestions for improvements Monitoring and Evaluation Inline and Endline Continuous monitoring of digital data Reports from data dashboard
Inline Surveys conducted monthly Report showing impacts and donors and stakeholder reports
Endline Survey Report showing impacts and donors and stakeholder reports
Spending Journals are collected Report showing any changes to national currency spending
Final analysis on all surveys and data to show impacts Report showing impacts and donors and stakeholder reports
Best Practices reported Report on lessons learned

Last update: 2024-07-09
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